Australian Silky Terrier

Australian Silky Terrier og Australsk terrier er to forskellige, men tæt beslægtede racer. De er begge opdrættede i Australien med det formål at holde muse- og rottebestanden nede. I løbet af 1800-tallet blev et eksemplar af de første Australske Terrier taget med til England, hvor den blev parret med en Dandie Dinmont terrier. Hvalpene fra dette kuld blev taget med tilbage til Australien, hvor de efter indkrydsning med lokale Yorkshire Terrier blev til de første Australian Silky Terrier.

En af de førende opdrætter af racen MacArthur Little, flyttede på et tidspunkt til Sidney med hele sin kennel. Det førte til, at racen i sine første mange år blev kendt under navnet Sidney Silky Terrier

Silky Terrieren er en køn, munter og ukompliceret følgesvend, glad for motion, intelligent og let at opdrage. Den er trods silkepelsen ikke nogen skødehund, men en typisk terrier. Den har behov for en fremtræden plads i familien samt motion. Den er meget glad for børn og altid parat til at lege.

Hvis den får passende mulighed for at bevæge sig frit, er den ideel lejlighedshund. Man skal være opmærksom på, at den silkeagtige pels kræver regelmæssig og grundig pleje.

The Silky is a brave, brawny fellow in the field, a sweet, petite friend by the fire. The Silky have both big- and little-dog characteristics in one perfect package. The Silky Terrier is that pint-sized pup with great expectations. Spunky and self-possessed, with the sweet, generous nature of a companion dog, the Silky is a people-pleaser. “Look at me, Mom and Dad! He implores. Racing, chasing, eager and alert – no Silky adventure is complete without you by his side.

Generations of breeding for gentleness of disposition have produced one of the most endearing yet spirited breed in the purebred dog world. Many owners call their Silkys the “just right” dog – just the right size, just the right temperament, just the right companion. Sure of himself but eager to please, lively but not hyper, protective but not aggressive, the “big little” Silky ranks high as a household companion. And home is where he wants to be. His day does not begin until your arrival, his joy to see you surpassing all other events in his typical terrier day. Tail trembling, he lets you know, without  a doubt, that you are number-one in his world.

A small dog with the stamina of a large dog. He is not fragile, rather he is a lovable lapful. That he is  a pretty dog is, no doubt, disarming, but even those who believe “it takes a big man to walk a little dog” would have no quarrel striding alongside a feisty Silky.

The Silky’s non-shedding, odorless, single coat requires minimal grooming and trimming. A daily bushing and occasional snip will keep this blue and tan toy terrier looking handsome and well groomed.

The game Silky may still stalk a rat or snake, but this is a breed whose charm is in his devotion to   his household. From years as a companion dog in the home, he craves civilization and socializa- tion. Return his unwavering devotion and you will receive unconditional love.

The Silky does well with young and old, although, as with any small dog, children should be quietly introduced and taught to show their canine companion kindness and respect. He will adore every member of his family unconditionally, but may attach himself to at lucky favorite!

Take a front-row seat at playtime – the Silky’s frenzied escapades around the yard are top-notch-entertainment.